Telluride Bluegrass Festival

A Telluride Bluegrass Festival poster

William has just returned from his annual pilgrimage to  the Telluride Bluegrass Festival which featured four days of only-in-Telluride musical performances. The festival hosts Telluride legends of virtuoso bluegrass superpickers, soulful songwriters, and some of the biggest stars in the American musical landscape.

Since 1986 William has created 20 of the annual posters, including this year’s 40th anniversary edition.

This year’s poster is special in that it incorporates several of his earlier classics in collage, along with a lenticular window of Telluride legend Sam Bush within the poster.  Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenticular lenses (a technology that is also used for 3D displays) are used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, and in this case, the ability to create movement as the image is viewed from different angles.

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